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Daring poker player takes tournament winnings and bets them on one roulette spin

CasinoBeats spoke to Laszlo Keczer, Head of NetEnt Live, about the product and what makes it appealing to football fans – other than just the timing. What is the thinking behind launching this product through Live Roulette? LK: “The positive aspect of cross-selling between sportsbook and live casino has been a well-proven recipe among operators in the last decade. There will be a high volume of players on our popular Live Roulette tables, so this is the perfect vertical to place our live sports product. “A single roulette table can service thousands of players simultaneously. It’s hard to find any other service where you can reach so many people, but that’s not the only reason. Players come across very similar odds to play on live sports betting and live roulette. Most customers select multipliers of two to three on their sports betting slip, which is like the odds for the outside bets offer on roulette.” “The more engaging an atmosphere you can create… the more enjoyable a player’s experience will be.” To what extent can this lead to greater customer retention and longer playing sessions during the tournament? “This is the ideal solution for casino operators that want to maximise a player’s enjoyment of their Live Roulette game during the World Cup. You do not necessarily have to be the world’s biggest football fan to enjoy the World Cup either, as it appeals to a very large customer base.

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